Meet Zell

She is the prodigy of designer Zelal Kocakelci Ogün. Born out of pure creativity in Istanbul in 2014, Zell represents an architectural ode to powerful and unapologetic fashion.

At first glance, you will sense a hint of '80s glamour in her attitude, with an emphasis on shoulders and sharp lines, but this is only one of many references of her creator; as from Star Trek to Savannah Desert, the inspirations are boundless, and so are the materials. Leather, sequin, fishnet, zippers; they all come together in boldness to build Zell up.

After all, hers is a daring statement, Zell exudes confidence and refinement. She could be from Paris or from New York, she simply is in motion, chasing after her dreams of success, of love, of fulfillment, through all the urban jungles. Assertive, ever-changing and irreverent, Zell portrays a woman of our day.